Wheathampstead Cricket Club News story

Return to Cricket - Latest Guidelines - Please Read

10 Jul 2020



Cricket returns tomorrow. Whilst it’s great to be back, it's important to remember why there has been a delay.

To reiterate what the Herts League have said - Cricket is the first recreational team game 

that the government has allowed to start during the current pandemic and we are therefore in a privileged position.

The guidelines we need to adhere to are pretty extensive, and this weekend will be a good opportunity to get familiar with them

before competitive cricket returns on the 18th.


Detailed guidance can be found here -  I advise everyone to read them



The main points can be summarised below:-

Before Play:

  • All players should check for symptoms of COVID-19. if you or someone you live with have a possible COVID-19 infection they should remain at home.
  • There will be a strict one way system in operation in the clubhouse for use of toilets.
  • There will be a strict queuing system for use of the bar.
  • Bring your own 'tea' & drinks.
  • Bring your own hand sanitiser bottle

During Play:

  • Social distancing guidelines are in force at all times, including post wicket celebrations & breaks; except
    wicketkeepers standing up & between slip fielders (1m+ rule).
  • No sweat or saliva to be added to the ball.
  • Hygiene breaks every 6 overs / 20 mins - Hands washed, Ball wiped.
  • Batsmen to run in 'running lines' to ensure 2m distance from bowlers / umpires
  • If it rains, seek shelter in your car / under a tree

After Play:

  • All participants should sanitise their hands & any shared equipment
  • Report any infection of their household to the club & NHS Test and Trace system following use of the facility to limit the spread
  • of the virus


Any questions or clarifications, please talk to your captain, coach or myself.

Lastly, there have been many many hours spent getting the club and ground ready and compliant, more so than any normal season.

So a big thank you to all those that have been working behind the scenes to make it possible.

Enjoy the return.