Wheathampstead Cricket Club News story

Recreational Cricket Update - Input Availability

29 Jun 2020

Dear Members,

We find ourselves in a strange limbo, the announcement last week from the PM regarding the return 
of recreational cricket contradicted all the positive noises we were hearing from the ECB 
and Herts League.

As far as the league are concerned we are still to prepare for an 11th July start. This may seem
fairly bullish - especially for official league cricket, but as we have seen, guidelines can shift with 
little notice and time to prepare.

Whatever happens we do think there will be some form of cricket this season.
It is likely that there will be some adaptations to comply with whatever the guidelines are - shorter format,
reduced player numbers, no teas, no shining ball etc.

So the club and captains can start to prepare, could i ask you all to update your availability
 on the website for the remaining dates in the season.


We need to know whether or not we as a club will be over or under subscribed for the cricket available.
We want to ensure as much as possible that those who want a game, can get one.

Look out for further updates.