Wheathampstead Cricket Club News story


06 Jun 2020

Dear Members,

It's been a couple of months since my last update. I hope you and your families are well.
The nets continue to be amazingly popular, it's great see them being used so enthusiastically.

Latest from ECB & Herts Cricket

Whilst playing cricket remains suspended until further notice, in line with government guidelines
there have been some easing of restrictions relating to training.

We are now able to net with up to 6 other people. Details via the link below

Please continue to book sessions via the form on the website.

Club stumps can now be used, there is some sanitising spray in the kit cupboard, please use after
each session.
Please do not use / share any other equipment.
The bowling machine is still not to be used (I get asked multiple times a week!)

Clubhouse can be opened to use the toilet. All other areas are still out of bounds.

Wednesday & Thursday evenings will be block booked for senior training.
Watch out for updates regarding colts cricket and any potential training over the next few weeks.

A big thank you to everyone who came down on the 16th May to get the nets ready and repaint the
Another thank you to those that have helped water the pitch during this very dry spell.

Some of you may have noticed that the car park has been levelled and rolled. 
The gate will remain locked when the club is not in use to try and maintain the surface for as long as

The ramp and railings are due to be fixed / refurbished - hopefully before the season starts.
Lastly, Hertfordshire County Council have informed the club that they plan on formalising the grass
path adjacent to the ground and road, the work is due to start late in the summer.
We are hoping to use this unique opportunity to level off the outfield with the excavated soil.

If we do get the go ahead to start playing, we will need another mini work party morning to erect
sightscreens and tidy up the outfield. Updates to follow.



Dynamos Cricket App for kids - The free app is for all kids aged eight and over and provides them
with cricket skills, games and quizzes that they can do at home, without the need for a lot of space
or equipment.

My Cricket Coach  - loads and loads of net based drills

Webinars -  on throughout June, hosted by ESSEX CCC